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"Things Which Are To Come..."

Our Sunday Morning studies are about to move from things which are (history of the seven churches in John's day) to the things which are to come. The events of Revelation direct us to future, yet unfulfilled, happenings which are meant to serve as an encouragement and a warning. The encouragement to believers is that God will put an end to sin once and for all and the hopeful promises of our faith and eternity will be made real. The warning comes to those who don't believe. The reality of eternity is just as prevalent for unbelievers as it is believers. The difference is the promise of eternal death for those who don't have a personal relationship with Christ as Savior of their lives.

The thing that amazes me about the book of Revelation is that we have actual prophecy at our fingertips. Plenty of times in life I can remember thinking, "Man, it would be great to know what's gonna happen tomorrow." Who wouldn't want to know the future!? How much grief, pain, stress, and agony would we be freed from if only we knew what the next day, week, month, or year was going to bring! Well when it comes to the story of the world ... the future has already been decided. We know what's going to take place! The reality of future events is not dictated by your own beliefs either. Whether you believe in God or not has zero bearing on what will come to pass, it will only effect which side of it you're on. The awesomeness of fulfilled prophecy is saturated in the terror of it as well. The victory believers will experience in Christ's return is mirrored in the indescribable judgement unbelievers will face.

So as we being to study through the things which are to come aspects of Revelation, I want us all to be reminded of two things:

  1. Christ wins! Let's look forward to the hope of eternity with Him and the beautiful promises becoming reality! May our earthly lives be consistent with the promise of our eternal state.

  2. Christ wins! And because He does, judgement must take place. Let us be even more eager to share the good news of Christ, so that some (by the grace of God) would experience the same hope we have and be saved from the judgement which is to come.


Pastor Johnson

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